There’s No Place Like Home

2016-02-28 15.29.28-1It was difficult to get out the old computer and peck away last night after we returned home, so this is the memories of yesterday.

28 February 2016 – We had a lovely Sunday morning breakfast at the hotel breakfast bar and packed out of Eugene, OR, heading for home. It was a bit of a false start, because just as I was checking out and Randy was putting our bags in the car he came rushing back to the counter asking for a key card back. He had left one of his hearing aids in the room. Well, thankfully, it was still there . . . and after he found it, then we left.

2016-02-28 16.20.10-2We had a pleasant drive through clouds, light rain and some sun, through the central Oregon valley. Quite beautiful country, I must say. At one point between the rain and the sun there was a gorgeous full rainbow that filled the sky. I had to try and capture it – on my phone, no less. It’s barely visible here, but in the sky it was beautiful.

A stop in Portland allowed us to have a Sunday afternoon dinner at one of our favorite spots, Gustav’s, a German Restaurant. Since we had arrived in town so late the night before, this was to be our Anniversary dinner. And, it was lovely. When you’re German, there’s just nothing like German food. Sausages and pretzels and schnitzel and kraut and, of course, spaetzle.2016-02-28 14.17.47

Many years ago we watched a film – the name long ago forgotten – but one scene remains a part of our family lore. It was a foreign film and an old Norwegian bachelor farmer had sent word back to the “Old Country” that he wanted a woman who would come to America and become his wife. A young German woman responded and made the trip. When she arrived she cooked a meal for him. And, he was so delighted he couldn’t believe his good fortune. “Is this German food?” he asked her. “No,” she replies, “Just food.”

And, that’s how we are with German food . . . it’s just food. Of the very best kind!

A few more hours in the car and our little Ballard Borkalow was waiting for us, complete with sunny daffodils blooming in the yard to greet us. There’s no place like home.

My great grandmother used to say, “Take a trip and you are twice glad. Glad to go. And glad to be home!” ¬†And, so it was for us.