How easily we lose sight of specialness. It’s all around us, but we become acclimated to it and so, easily lose it. It becomes “normal” to us and we no longer see how unique and glorious this special sight is.

I went to the National Mall yesterday to meet a friend flying in from the West Coast.  As I waited to cross a street while walking over to our meeting place, I overheard two people talking.  One was amazed at the beauty of this city.  She was awed by the size and majesty of the monuments.  She commented on the spirit of reverence she felt for all who make our country great, and for those who have given their lives to this purpose.  Her friend, obviously a local, commented “Everybody thinks that when they first come here.  And then we lose sight of it.  It just becomes our walk to work.”

How sad that such specialness becomes ordinary.  What are the scenes that are so familiar to us that we have forgotten to see the grace they hold for us?  Perhaps we need to wake afresh each day with new eyes to see all that is familiar in a new way.  Maybe then we will not lose the special grace of such a unique and reverent place – wherever it is.

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