It’s all in the details

I’ve known that so many things are in the details. Yet, it’s easy to skip right by the small stuff in favor of finishing the larger project.  The details are so easily lost because the project has to be completed – and, who is going to look that closely, anyway?

Imagine my surprise and joy to see a total project of nothing but the tiniest of details!  This VW bug, displayed in the National Museum of the Native American, is covered entirely in seed beads that represent Native American symbols and designs.  The larger project is only possible because of the tiny details.

The next time I think I don’t have time for the details, I’m going to remember this scene – where even the hubcaps and window frames are decorated in tiny – very tiny – seed beads.  The completed work of art is comprised of nothing but the details.  And, if we think of our lives, we could see them as much the same.  Every detail is important.  Every detail  – of the tiniest nature – is a grace that is important to the total compliment of who we are designed to become.  Grace is in the details.  It’s all in the details.


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