Day 28 – A Lazy Day

We had a bit of a “lay in” (as the Brits would say; which means we got up late) and ate our yogurt and bananas on the veranda where we could see the river. Clouds and sun accompanied a pleasant 67 degrees, which would work itself up to 78 degrees before the sun set. Perfectly beautiful. We just sat for the longest time and simply enjoyed the day.

With what was left of the morning I spent sorting laundry and hauling loads over to the laundry room. It’s really nice to be in a place with laundry facilities where one doesn’t have to sit right by the machines. I filled 3 washers and went back to sit on my veranda. Once the wash was done (a couple of hours later) I went for a walk.

I walked down to the end of the road to find we are actually situated on a tiny peninsula that juts out into the river and behind us there is a lovely little lagoon of sorts. There are hardly any people around this time of year, but I can imagine it’s a busy place in the summer months. Still, we would prefer to be here in the quiet and solitude. It’s simply lovely.

As I turned the corner to walk toward a business down the road, three dogs of various sizes started barking and came off their front porch, running toward me. Oh no, I thought, I might have to turn around and go back to the condo. But someone came to the door and yelled at the dogs to be quiet. Then she stood in the doorway smoking her cigarette while she watched me walk past her house! I smiled at her, but I got the impression she wasn’t going to waste a smile on the likes of me. I felt a little like I was in Mama’s neighborhood from watching the show “Justified,” and was just happy she had called the dogs back.

I sat by the river for a while and then came in to make some dinner. Chef salad with grilled cheese sandwiches were the menu items for tonight – and for some reason, they were absolutely delicious. Eating out is wonderful, but one can tire of it quickly. The grilled cheese and salad was just what we needed.

We caught some national news and were horrified to learn of the terrible shootings in Las Vegas. Such terror seems so far away from this sleepy, out-of-the-way place in Kentucky. We pray for all who were affected in any way, and for an end to such terrible acts of violence.

A lazy day, indeed. But, at least I got the laundry done; had a nice walk around the area; and prepared dinner for us to eat on our veranda while watching the river and listening to the crickets, frogs and birds.

As darkness fell, it cooled off a little and still, we sat on the veranda watching; listening to; smelling; experiencing; and touching the grace that is this tiny, wonderful, beautiful, place!