Day 30 – Resting in Place

Since we’ve been out and about almost every day of the trip we elected for another day of resting. Just because we could! Yesterday our little Dixie recorded 50 miles per gallon! And, although she’s doing well with the gas, we thought she might enjoy a rest, too.

We made a farmer breakfast of bacon and eggs and ate on the veranda. But, today we decided to turn on the air conditioner for a bit. Continuous days of over 80 degrees does begin to feel hot.

But, I went out through the surrounding neighborhoods and took a two mile walk, then settled down to read my book. I sat down by the river in the swing and just admired the beauty. Why would anyone need to go anywhere else?

We walked to the Dollar General Store for hot dogs and buns to go with our salad for dinner and called it a good day of resting. Blessed!