Water for the Spirit

Whenever it gets too cold, or too hot, or I’m too cranky, or overworked, or depressed, I know of one way to revive my spirit.  I go to the water.  It doesn’t matter where – a pond, or steam, or little lake will do, but the ocean is the most powerful.  Recently, after living many, many years on the West Coast, we traveled for the weekend to the farthest edge of the East Coast nearest to us.  We visited Ocean City, Maryland and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.   Both are spots of enormous beauty!  In the face of so much water rushing continuously on shore and pulling back again, it’s easy for me to gain a little perspective and revive my spirit.  Just as the waves repeat their actions, and nothing is lost in their coming or going, our lives will continue on no matter what is crashing toward us.  There is a lesson in the ocean for me:  Water is life-giving, but it can also cause death and destruction – treat it with respect.  We must treat our lives, and all the events that wash over us, with respect as well.  Just as the water is teaming with life, although we can’t always see it, so the events of our lives, both the good and the not so good, bring new growth and deeper meaning for us even though at times we cannot see that either.  I let the wave action rushing toward me and pulling back again remind me of the actions of the Holy Spirit – ready to drown me with love in my need, and allowing me to float above the chaos, but pulling back when I can carry on by my own strength.  Yes, there is no doubt that even a moment at the beach is filled with grace.  What do you do to revive your spirit and find grace in your day?

1 thought on “Water for the Spirit

  1. The sea gives us our living
    she takes back many men
    The trawler men and the draggers
    think of living on the land
    like our fathers did before us
    and their fathers before them
    we are people of the ocean
    to the ocean we will return.

    Hard winds of November
    cold arms of the deep
    bold spirit of the fisherman
    cast your lots upon the sea

    — Heidi Marie (R.E. Spencer)
    — Unmooring
    — Mystic Seaport

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