Music for the Soul

Music is the most amazing thing! It has the ability to speak without words and express what can’t be expressed in any other way.  Imagine how proud I am to be the parent of a very creative and accomplished musician!  Jared has loved music from the day he was born.  I can still remember him accurately carrying the tune to Sesame Street long before he could talk!  He not only writes, performs, and composes music, he teaches it as well.  Music is his life and his major form of expression.  He has just launched a new website and I am proud to recommend him.  If you (or anyone you know) have ever wanted to learn to play the guitar, Jared is the teacher for you!  Check out Jared’s new website!

Music, like grace, comes in many forms.  When we can’t express ourselves in words, music is there to help us express ourselves in a universal language.  Our gratitude, sorrow, joy, excitement, or lament can all be expressed with notes that can be understood throughout the human community.  If you appreciate the gift of music, thank a musician, and rejoice that you are able to embrace the grace of a universal language.

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