Meeting and Greeting

The days that followed in Seattle were a finely tuned orchestration of time tables and locations to maximize seeing the most people in the shortest amount of time.  We ate with friends from Seattle U days and from our old faith community; went to mass at our old parish and saw many friends that we hold in prayer daily.  Afterward, we had dinner with good and faithful workers in the vineyard who served on my old liturgy committee.  Time spent with a lovely, faithful woman from the parish who is preparing for her journey to the next life, served as one highlight of my visit.  Her faithful friend and companion – who is present to her continually these days – was an inspiration to me!  Jesus’ love was clearly present and alive in the room through the love and care of one friend for another.  What could be more illustrative of Jesus’ constant love for us?

A stop at another friend’s here; a meeting at Starbucks with other friends there; a day spent with my folks; a morning that stretched into the afternoon at my husband’s old office with his former co-workers; breakfast with my academic advisor; and seeing our children in their own environment, with their own friends gave balance to the remainder of the days.  We were so grateful for the time and opportunity to see so many people and only wish it could have been extended long enough to see everyone.

Imagine your picture here, as you are the grace in my life that brings God’s love alive for me.  I wish I could have met and shared and talked with each one of you.  Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Who are the people who bring God’s love alive for you?

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