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In remembering our time on the West Coast the story would not be complete without one observation of some of the differences we experienced while traveling.  Coming from the hectic, busy, mind-your-own-business, don’t-look-me-in-the-eye, don’t-ask-me-for-help, East Coast climate, we felt a blessed healing amidst the slower, calmer, friendlier, can-I-help-you? life in the Northwest.  Can I give you an example, you ask?

At SeaTac airport, while renting a car, the agent, looking us in the eye and smiling, carried on a pleasant conversation with us.  Taking our driver’s license she commented: “Oh, so you’ve come all the way across country!  How was the trip?”  She even continued the conversation asking us what we liked about DC, where our major points of interest would be in Seattle, suggested we might want to consider upgrading to a mid-size car, commented that she hoped the weather at the beach would be wonderful for us, and the like.  We walked away from the counter a little stunned!  It was a far cry from any customer service we have received in DC the entire time we have been here.  A far cry from “You can’t think, you gotta know!” and “You need your birth certificate, social security card, proof of residence in DC, an article of mail sent to you present address, and don’t come back until you have all that.” — among other experiences.

As we went to the elevator to locate our rental car my husband commented in a prayerful tone:  “Oh, how nice to be home!  She was actually interested in helping us.”

The gracious personality of the rental car agent in Seattle was a reminder to us that no matter where we are or in what kind of situation we find ourselves, there is always room for a smile, an interested disposition, a helpful attitude, a pleasant demeanor, a respect for the other, a reverence for life.  There is grace in every moment, but sometimes it is we who have to cooperate with God to provide it.


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