Day 50 – Returning

One of the most rewarding byproducts of going on a long and exciting journey is the joyous feeling of returning home. We left Spokane amid morning fog and 41 degrees with the relief of knowing tonight we would be sleeping in our own bed.

As we reached the Columbia River, just past George, we could see Mount Rainier rising over the landscape. The city looked wonderful as we came over the mountains. All the trees were beautiful reds, yellows and oranges, like we rarely see this late in October.

There was a feeling of comfort and familiarity as we pulled up in front of our little home. Filled with memories, stories, mementos and files and files of pictures, we ended our 9,559 mile trip by opening the doors and windows of the house to let in the unseasonably warm afternoon. It was a bright, sunny and 64 in Seattle. Now begins the work of unpacking, washing, and getting back into a routine.

Yes, the trip was wonderful in every way, and all of it was worth more than can be expressed, especially the part where we return safely to our comfortable little home.