Jaunting in June for Joy

There is nothing like just hopping in the car for a road trip. Yes, this was planned . . . we’ve been thinking about it for months. But, still, there was something spontaneous about it. In a matter of hours we managed to pack; clean out the fridge; load the car and set out.

The day was beautiful, a sunny 63 degrees for the 6th of June and we were ripping away from the house at the amazing hour of 9:30 AM, after taking a photo of our wonderful wildflower and tree trunk garden. Just to commemorate the day.

Our destination for the day took us through the car wash; Starbucks; downtown Seattle; Tacoma; and skirting Portland to stop in Gresham, OR. I was looking forward to a visit to The Shoe Mill in Gresham because they happen to carry the kind of shoes that are necessary for my aging feet these days. Two pair walked out with me and we happily walked across the parking lot for a quick burger at Red Robin before saddling up again to continue our journey.

The Oregon landscape flows from the Columbia River, past volcanic and snow topped mountains, to lush tree lined rolling hills, and the verdant Willamette Valley. Oregon is beautiful and we enjoyed seeing ships along the river as well as farmers bailing their fresh cut hay. There were stunning coral roses that greeted us at a rest stop, reviving our tired eyes as we rested from the road for a comfort stop. As the road began to incline into the mountains, we found our destination for the day, a Quality Inn in Roseburg, Or. After six hours of driving, we were more than ready to rest.

We walked two blocks away to the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, which the motel clerk recommended. It was excellent and we only wished we had made the decision to split a meal. Instead, we ordered two entrees and have more than enough leftover for breakfast.

I took my walk around the complex and prayed in thanksgiving for the opportunity to simply “steal away” when the mood hits us. We are adventurers at heart and tomorrow is another day.