Day 2 of our Jaunt in June

Another traveling day, but one bright with sunshine and puffy, pure white, popcorn clouds, and an eventual temperature of 87 degrees. Phew! That’s warm. I did bring some shorts, but only one pair. Such is the dilemma of traveling anywhere FROM Seattle.

We left Roseburg about 10:30 after a casual morning of not rushing. After stopping for gas and coffee, we took to the mountain roads. At about 4,300 feet of elevation, we passed into the state of California. There were lots of rocks and trees and winding roads – all beautiful in their own way.

A short stop in Yreka found us at the Black Bear Diner for a cup of soup and half a sandwich. It was a perfect pick-me-up for the continuing journey. We had stopped at the same place some time before in our travels, so it was fun to reminisce and recall “When was that?”

By mid afternoon Mount Shasta was looming on the horizon and simply took our breath away. Majestic. Stunning. Powerful. Mt. Shasta. May this picture, on this perfect day, speak all the words that will not come to me at this moment. Truly, a vision of the artwork of our Creator. Grace in blue, gray and white.

We arrived in Red Bluff about 4:00 and packed in for the evening. Well, not quite. We had to go out to test “the best restaurant in Red Bluff,” which is undeniably, Carlitos. Friendly service staff, a laughing and joyous clientele, as well as flavorful, colorful and delicious food sums up the place. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and ourselves. My driver ordered the braised lamb shank and I don’t think there is another patron who had sucked the lamb shank as clean as he managed to do! I’m sure the lamb would have appreciated how much my driver enjoyed the lamb’s offering.

My evening walk around the small area of the motel ended abruptly when hordes of mosquitoes decided to join me. I was, however, able to enjoy a beautiful California Valley sunset before that happened. Just another example of grace, and the painter’s pallet of our Creator.