Time Travel

I’ve always thought time travel would be a great adventure, but somehow we’ve just never figured out how to do it.  This past weekend, however, I did experience a bit of a journey back in time – first to 1975 and then to 1862.

My husband and I ventured out on the road to find Ft. Monroe, VA, the newest National Park in the system.  It was an active military fort until September, 2011 and it also was where my folks were stationed and living inside the moat in 1975 when I was preparing for my wedding.  So, Ft. Monroe holds many memories for me.  It is the place where we purchased our wedding rings at the Post Exchange, and in the huge quarters on the parade ground, I sewed my wedding dress over Christmas break when I was home from college.

The place is splendidly beautiful and has a long history dating back to the first days of European settlers in North America.  But stepping out of the car there yesterday took me back 37 years to when I was coming home from college.  Many memories flooded back.  It was truly a step back in time.

During our visit to the Casemate Museum, built inside the battlements that are hundreds of years old, it was impossible not to think about life there in the 1800’s.  All of the sudden we heard booming and cracking.  It could have been cannon fire from the battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack right outside on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay – but it was only a thunder storm!

We had a lovely weekend and the memories and the travel back in history was fascinating.  It gave me a great appreciation for all the people who have given their lives to preserve our Union and our country’s freedom, and for all the people in my life who have loved me and given me the freedom to be the person I am today.

Where would you like to travel back in time – if it were possible?  And, who are the people through time who you have come to appreciate for the grace and gifts they have given you?

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