Beach Choice

Our weekend at Virginia Beach was beautiful, really beyond beautiful, extraordinary!  The pristine sands stretch for miles and people were flocking toward the surf with their chairs and blankets.  We rented a pedal buggy and, at a leisurely pace, explored the boardwalk and took in the sights in both directions.  The sun increased its brilliant intensity as the minutes passed, and by mid-morning, ice cream was on the menu.   Finding the beach a little crowded, we moved on to another area to explore the lighthouses.

Later that same afternoon we found ourselves back at Ft. Monroe, exploring some of the surrounding grounds and beaches that are right outside the moat of the main fort.  I was stunned at the incredible beauty – and  the fact that there was almost no one around.  Clearly, this would be my beach of choice!  Why would anyone go to Virginia Beach when Ft. Monroe was available?

This realization made me appreciate my desire to be alone with nature.  While people are wonderful, and I love to be with them, there is something about a connection with the grace and beauty of the natural world when I am alone.

What beach would you choose?  Is there a place you like to go when you want to be alone with nature?



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