A Day Filled with Information

Watching the sunrise out the motel window began the day. It is always striking to me how magnificent the sun can look upon rising. I’m usually never awake at that hour, so it surprises me every time I see it. (Which has not been very many times, I grant you!)

Our conference on health care and living with loved ones who suffer from memory loss began at 9:00 with a gathering of about 200 people from around the state. The presenters were very informative and we made some connections with others who have lived with such challenges. The final presenter was a doctor from University of Washington who was extremely helpful in dispelling myths and offering as much concrete hope and information he could offer.

We were released at 4:00 to go about our day thinking of all we had heard, shared and learned. There is much to ponder and review as we carry the information back home with us. How can we best communicate? How do we share what we’ve learned? How can we be the best support for those who bear the weight of such loss? It’s a new learning curve, and like any curve or incline, there is practice and endurance that must come with time.

We drove over to the local Costco to fill little Dixie’s belly with gas so she could get us back home tomorrow. In the process, we couldn’t resist a walk through the warehouse to explore what Yakimans may be able to purchase at their Costco.

Sadly, I have no more pictures to share since we sat inside all day. But, we did go on to find a Dickie’s BBQ for a quick sandwich for dinner before returning to the motel. I’m sure we will be early to bed tonight to make up for our early rising this morning.

There is much to be grateful for in the day – the organization that presented the conference; the expert presenters; the attendees who shared some of their personal stories; and the assurance that none of us are alone on this very singular, yet astoundingly familiar, journey.