A Return Home

Yes, we did return home – yesterday (Oct 24th) – but we were so tired we couldn’t think about recording the event here.

We packed out of our motel yesterday morning and had planned to do some sightseeing through the Yakima Valley, but after a night of fitful sleep because of information we learned during the conference, we just stopped at a few places and took to the mountains. I wanted to stop at a Dollar Tree and the Target in the Valley and we did that on our way out of town.

The valley floor was a harvest sight; brown and somehow beautiful seen from the hills before we dropped into the valley. The high hills approaching the mountains were covered with windmills in the distance, making an impressive sight. We crossed the Yakima River and saw most of the foliage turning color and dropping from the trees. It is definitely Fall.

The coolness and misting clouds of the mountains were a welcome sight. Beauty was all around us, despite the absence of sunshine. The golden leaves provided the brilliance against the majestic evergreens. Once over the summit, we stopped in North Bend, a favorite spot to stop for a short rest for my driver and a short walk around the outlet mall for me. And then we continued on.

The familiarity of the city was a relief and we stopped once in town for a late lunch. Unfortunately, we tried a new spot in our neighborhood that happened to be about to close for the day. It was actually a breakfast place – which we didn’t know – and consequently, we had a second breakfast instead of dinner. It was less than satisfying, but of course, we ate it.

Unpacking and sorting out things occupied the evening and when I sat down to do some email, I began to have all kinds of computer problems. Nothing was working correctly! Suddenly I knew it was because I needed to go to bed – and so I did.

I certainly must have needed to do that as I woke up this morning after 10 and a half hours of sleep (according to my fitbit.)

Today, there was rain, rain and more rain in Seattle. But the trees here are beautiful, too. And, we are in the warmth and comfort of our own home.  Not only that, I had a good night’s sleep last night. All is good.