The day is unseasonably cool and pleasant.  The breeze is brisk, but totally refreshing.  The trees are swaying with the rhythm of the winds and the sun is playing through the leaves.  After my walk this morning, I just could not go inside.  So, I found a little stoop and sat in the shade and just marveled at the trees and the dappled sun shining through them.

Just to pause under the trees and be present to the movement of the wind and the rustle of the leaves was a graced moment.  Remember to pause – there is grace to be found in every moment.

1 thought on “Pausing

  1. I like to pause too, except when pause is also play. And you press pause but it doesn’t pause, so you press it again but then, it does pause and you just pressed play. So all you get is a little stutter and everything keeps going and the phone is still ringing.

    Life is like that too sometimes.

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