One year anniversary

Yesterday marks one year since I moved to DC.  My husband moved here before me and his one year anniversary has already passed – without incident.  My anniversary, however, had some lightning and thunder associated with it.  Also, there were hurricane force winds of 70-90 mph and hundreds of downed trees hitting houses, as well as cars smashed in their parking places.  The city is crawling out of it today, with crews cutting and moving broken trees and branches out of the major roadways, and electrical crews trying to restore power to the almost 1/2 million people still without electricity or air conditioning in this 100 degree heat wave.

What could be more appropriate?  This year has been a major adventure for us with major happenings from the earthquake and hurricane that occurred almost immediately following my arrival last July to the sneaker storm and destruction of the other night.  One friend emailed and asked me “What kind of weather did you bring with you to DC?”

I wish it were that simple and I wish I had some ability to turn things around.  But I don’t.  We each suffer the events that befall us and we each have to cope with them as best we can.

Pray for those who are still without power and for those who have lost their homes or their cars.  Grace happens, too, and there is little we can do to stop it.  Yet, sometimes, it is we who are the ones who have to cooperate with God to help provide it.  Is there someone you could be reaching out to?

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