Have you taken the time for reflection today?  Life is too short to pass up this very important activity.  The simple work of reflection actually is generative.  By engaging in reflection, we have more time for reflection.  What could offer a greater grace?

I have always loved the words of Dorothy Day when she wrote about the issue of time.  I think this applies to reflection as well.  Take a moment to reflect with her:

“The only way to have more time,” says Father Lacouture, “is to sow time.”  In other words, to throw  it away.  Just as one throws wheat into the ground to get more wheat.  It must have seemed madness to throw that first wheat away – but more wheat sprang up a hundredfold. 

            So each day, start out by saying, there is plenty of time.  And so to discard time, to throw it to the winds, to disregard all the work there is to do, and go sit in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament for an hour, to divest oneself of these accursed occupations – all in order to reap time, for those things which are necessary.                       Dorothy Day,   February, 1941 

Take a moment to reflect.  More time will be given.


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