Living in this part of the country and visiting all the points of historical interest has given me a profound appreciation for the price of independence and freedom.  From the American Revolution; to the Civil War; to World War II; to today, thousands upon thousands have given their energy, their spirit and sometimes their lives to see that this country remains free and that we all can enjoy our independence.

Throughout the history of this great nation there were young boys who defended homesteads; women who nursed wounded; children who worked the fields; brave souls who harbored and helped runaway slaves; not to mention those who wore a uniform and faced battle.  Their contributions to the future that we enjoy today are grace upon grace.  The wisdom of the sage is true:  Freedom isn’t free.  Independence always costs us something.  What are we willing to give so that these freedoms endure through our age?

And, what can we do to contribute to this legacy of freedom in a non-violent way, so we can enjoy independence without so much suffering, death and destruction?

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