Changing Light

A walk through Old Georgetown yesterday afternoon allowed  me to appreciate all over again the changing angles of light and the ever-evolving / changing nature of our universe.  I marveled as houses built in the 1700’s received the afternoon light of 2012.  All this time later they are still essentially the same house, yet they are also very different from centuries of use and upkeep and, of course, the changing light of each day.

It made me wonder if we are allowing ourselves to receive the newness of each day’s light and letting it change us, while we essentially remain the same.

Sometimes the little changes are the most powerful.  Look at how the light falls differently throughout the day, one moment more beautiful than the last.  First the light is soft, yet full.  It rises to a brilliance at noon, and through the afternoon settles back into a shadowed softness that relaxes into night.  It is a grace to recognize how we may be changed by allowing the circumstances, conversations, relationships, events, and the ever-changing light of each day to fall upon us and change us.

Nothing is intended to stay the same.  Not a 1700’s house and certainly not us.  We were made to flourish within the changing moods and light of each day.

Allow the grace of changing light to fall upon you.  There is only more grace to be had.

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