Creatures of Habit

We are such creatures of habit that I am continually amazed at what a view from a different angle offers me.  Last evening we made an effort to break from habit and take a short boat cruise down the Potomac River to see the sights of Washington.  It was a lovely evening and the day was “Seattle summer” warm – in other words – no humidity and a pleasant 80 degrees.

We boarded a little tour boat and as the sun began to set low on the horizon, we went off down the river.  As we passed the familiar monuments, I marveled all over again at how they are so majestic and moving, standing as a witness to the lives and dedication of the people who contributed so much to the founding of our nation.  It was a joy to appreciate them from a different point of view.

It made me think of how often I get caught in my habits and refuse to see a different point of view.  It is a gift of grace to allow ourselves a freedom from habit and a new perspective in little things as well as big.  Think about offering yourself the gift of a different view.  It can be as simple as taking our daily walk on the reverse route; or shuffling the order of our preparations at the beginning of the day.  A branching out in the genre of what we usually read can offer us a new view; or stretching our ear to listen to music we wouldn’t ordinarily choose.  Flexibility in our habits, our choices, our thinking and our actions helps us to view the world more holistically and not so particularly specific. Everyone cannot see the world exactly as we do!  Others take other paths and make other choices and we are blind to them unless we are willing to step out of our habits and make an effort to see things from another perspective.

All from the grace of a 45 minute boat ride that allowed me a different view of the city where I live!

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