The Calls

Yesterday, amid my normal quiet retreat I received three phone calls!  That is the mother lode of phone calls for me in one day.  Each call brought a grace and a lovely connection with friends and family that I didn’t know I needed.

At noon I received a surprise call from a long-time friend whom I had known when our babies were being born.  Our kids grew up together and we have stayed in touch all this time despite the fact that they moved to Portland in the early ’90’s.  She had so many wonderful things to tell me, not the least of which was news of her first grand-baby!  What a joy it was to talk with her, to reconnect, and to share her excitement.

Not long after I received a call from my dear friend who had grown up in this area, but whom I met while in Seattle.  She and I went to school together while working on our doctorates and we have enjoyed a deep and rewarding relationship.  It was such a joy to receive her call and to be able to talk and laugh about the little and inconsequential things of life!  She also keeps me up to date on other mutual friends in the Seattle area and I always feel renewed and cherished after spending time on the phone with her.

As I was preparing for dinner a third call came through.  It was our oldest son who just wanted to talk!  What a joy to know that our children still want to be connected to us and don’t mind calling to talk and tell of their lives and their concerns.  He is always reaching out to his wandering parents and it is with a deep love that I appreciate his calls and his efforts to stay connected.

Interspersed throughout the day were also three calls from my husband, hard at work at his office.  I look forward to these calls with great joy because they keep us connected with a feeling of closeness through the ups and downs of the day.

Each call was a joy; each call a grace.  And each call allowed me to see how God showers me with so much love and concern through my friends and family!

Each time we answer that ring tone, know that there is grace not far behind!  Or, make your cell phone an instrument of grace and give someone you know a call.

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