For Someone else

Ever since enjoying the weekend at my brother’s farm in Pennsylvania, I can’t get this little poem out of my head.  I learned it somewhere, sometime in my youth, and for some reason, have never forgotten it.

In youth because I could not be a singer, I did not even try to write a song. I planted no small trees along the roadside because I knew their growth would take too long.  But now, with wisdom that the years have taught me, I’ve found that it may be a blessed thing, to plant a tree for someone else to water; to write a song for someone else to sing.

This all comes to mind because my brother has spent the last few years planting small nut trees along the perimeter of his property.  He guided us along a walk that included a little history and the names he has given to each tree.  No tree was more than three or four feet high and each one was many years (sometimes 8 to 10) away from seeing the fullness of fruit production.

So, why put so much effort into something he may never see to fruition, or may see come to life only partially?  Because it may be a blessed thing.  Someone else, in some future time will be there to enjoy what he has labored to plant and make beautiful on this already lovely property.  Someone else will be there to water it and enjoy it, even if we are not.  Everything we do cannot be just for ourselves alone.  In fact, most things we do will have some lasting effect – for good or for bad – on future generations.


Take inspiration from my brother and start something good you may not see to completion.  It may be a graced and blessed thing!

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