Every Breath

One of my secret joys during these days of my retreat – along with reading, praying and walking – is catching occasional episodes of TV shows from the 80’s and 90’s that I never saw when they were first aired.  I didn’t watch much TV during those two decades because I was working full time and going to school and keeping the children and the house in order; being wife and mother.

So, yesterday I caught a scene from a show that touched me deeply.  Just to give the context:  the wife had gone to meet an old friend without her husband’s knowledge.  On her return home she is mugged and ends up in the hospital.  The husband is at her bedside and stroking her hair asking “Why didn’t you ask me to take you there?”  She responds: “This has nothing to do with you.”  To which the husband replies: “Every breath you take in your entire life has something to do with me.”

When my husband returned from his day of work I recounted the scene and told him how much it touched me.  He responded within a heartbeat:  “That’s what I would say!  That would be my line.  I wish I’d thought of that.”

How wonderful to be so loved and cherished.  It is a grace I do not take lightly.

And now, all I can think about is that line.  “Every breath you take in your entire life has something to do with me.”

Just image God saying that to each of us.  What grace!!!  Every breath we take is of concern to God.  Every breath is graced.  And with each breath we take we are loved and cherished beyond what we can even imagine.

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