Still Waiting

And, still I wait!  But, in the meantime over the long weekend we had a lovely side trip through seven states:  DC; Maryland; Delaware; New Jersey; New York; Connecticut  and Pennsylvania.  It was intended to take our minds off of waiting.  And, it did the trick, as well as being beautiful! Fall was in full display and we enjoyed many points of interest as well as the lovely countryside.  More about our trip and the graces we encountered in the future.

But, about the still waiting:  Our son and his girlfriend are finally in the air and on their way to visit.  I got a call early this morning to say they had missed their flight, which means they missed their connecting flight, which means . . .

But through the grace of a sympathetic airline scheduler, they were able to get other connections getting them here only one hour later!

So those of you who come here regularly, I will be suspended for about 5 days while I enjoy their company and show them the sights of this fair city.  Come back in a week and I’ll have stories to tell.  Grace abounds!

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