Being Hosts

Well, today it is raining and a wonderful time for it to start since we spent all last week playing hosts to our kids who were visiting.  We walked the Mall and the Monuments, went to the Smithsonian and quietly strolled the halls of the National Art Gallery.  It was a beautiful time and one we will not soon forget.

Our son’s girlfriend had never been to the East Coast, so of course, we had to try to include everything.  And, of course, that’s totally impossible.  To add to all the excitement of the city itself, the kids did some preliminary work and scheduled a “gig” at a DC night club.  They came ready to play guitar and sing for a totally new crowd.  And, it was fun to play tourist and go to see them perform.

We enjoyed the singing; walking; conversation; bus riding; sight seeing; eating; and even watching movies together in the evenings after we were completely spent.  Their excitement and enthusiasm allowed us to see our surroundings with new eyes.  Their presence and their joyful attitude were grace.

Receiving guests and being hosts was grace as well.  Who can you host and share grace with?  Who allows you to see with new eyes?  Make some plans today to spend some time with them.

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