An Extra Hour

Time passes and it’s November again!  And yesterday we gained an hour when standard time was restored.  What did you do with your extra hour?

For many years I was simply grateful for an extra hour of sleep when the time changed.  But, this year, during this retreat time, I thought of so many things I could have done with my whole extra hour.  What did you do?

It was only sixty minutes – but it was sixty minutes . . . . to have a conversation; to tell someone how much they mean to us; to read a book and escape into another reality; to go to a movie and enjoy the creative arts and an expanded imagination; to take a walk and appreciate the sunshine, trees, water, and neighbors; to write some thoughts down on paper; to write a note to someone special; to remember how much we are loved; to love in return.

That sixty minutes was grace given to us in the measurement of time.  What did you do with your grace?

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