Begin again

It was exciting to be in the nation’s capital during the elections.  I was so looking forward to it and being part of the energy that elects the president.  Only, I had such a rotten cold that I didn’t even make it to the polls!  News reports said it was the coldest national election day in history and that people were standing in long lines to vote.  And, I knew I would never make it.

Instead, I watched with interest as the results came in and followed the neighborhood celebrations in the city from under my blanket holding my hot tea.

And so, with the votes counted, we begin again.  As a nation this is like New Year’s Day – and we begin again to try to make policies and laws that will benefit the common good of everyone in this country.

We will have to learn all over again how not to be a nation divided by political lines, but a nation united by compassion, understanding, and a quest for the common good of all.  This is a great day to start.  There is always grace in beginning again.

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