Back to Normal

Well, after hurricane Sandy and Obama’s election and a week when we both had an awful cold and flu – we have finally returned to somewhat normal.  So, for Veteran’s Day holiday we packed the car and took another of our excursions into the countryside of Virginia.

The weekend was absolutely beautiful.  It was like Seattle-summer!  That is, it was 72 degrees and sunny with the addition of the autumn leaves turning and falling all around us.  We headed for Southwest Virgina, a part of the state we had not yet traveled, and made our destination Appomattox.

The first day was taken up with driving, but that didn’t inhibit our appreciation for the beauty of the countryside.  Virginia is rolling hills and small farms with what remains of old plantation land interspersed between them.  The wooded hills with the turning leaves and small streams between pastures were beauty to behold.  Farms are immaculately groomed and lanes leading to large old houses are picturesque – not unlike you may have seen in the movies.

We simply enjoyed the views and breathed in the grace of a lovely day of driving on a holiday weekend in the autumn sunshine.

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