2012 Dec 27 w Ben at art 012If you have never gone to an art museum with an art history expert, I highly recommend it.  Our son studied art and it was a thrill to go to the Hirshhorn National Art Gallery with him.  He shared insights about colors and complimentary shapes; perspective and art as expression; as well as about how art can push the envelope as social expression.  I felt my mind expanding just taking in the multiple exhibits that artists had created.

2012 Dec 27 w Ben at art 008And, as I often do when viewing contemporary art, I thought to myself:  “I could do that!”  I can only guess what my son’s response would be:   “Then why don’t you?”

Why don’t I, indeed!  Why do we often hesitate to give expression to what our heart desires; what our mind’s eye captures; or what our memory wants to create?  It is a question I am taking with me into this New Year.  What can I create today?  It may be in story form or in painted colors.  It may be in a unique photo shot or words to a song.  It may be cuisine well prepared and served.  It could be in sculpture or dance and movement; music, voice or silence. 2012 Dec 27 w Ben at art 026

Yes, what art are we prepared to create to express the grace and inner workings of our souls?

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