Setting our sights

2012 Nov 25 Little Falls - tiny 025Already in this New Year I’m trying to remember what I have set my sights on.  Yes, all the things I want to do . . . and, trying to remember all the things I DON’T want to do as well.  It can be trying at times.  So many things come across our paths that vie with our intentions.  We get sidetracked and distracted.  Just doing an after Christmas clean of the apartment can put me off of my blog for a couple of days.  What else do I allow to get in the way of my newly made resolutions?

In prayer this morning the words of one of my favorite saints, Teresa of Avila, helped me to redirect and reaffirm my resolve.

2012-12-03 Dec 2 Basicalla 035“O Lord!  All our trouble comes to us from not having our eyes fixed upon You.  If we only looked at the way along which we are walking, we should soon arrive; but we stumble and fall a thousand times and stray from the way because we do not set our eyes on the true Way.”

A gentle reminder, but a powerfully good one.  Where have we set our sights for this year, this day, this hour?  What grace there is in being reminded of something so basic!

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