Be Still

I took my usual walk this morning – but didn’t manage to go my usual distance.  Seems I’m a little low on steam today.  So, in the beauty of the morning sun, amidst the barren trees along my path, I decided that this must be a day to just rest in God. The Psalmist’s words come to me often, but are especially reassuring on a day like today.  “Be still and know that I am God.”

2012 Aug 12 st mary & st clements 156Be still, indeed.  The very thing that can be the hardest for us to accomplish is to just be still and not try to do anything.  So, it is good for us to remember in the unrest; in the pain; in the chaos and uncertainty; amidst conflict and competition; deadlines and unreasonable schedules; it is good, so very good, to pause and remember that we are enfolded in the grace and heart of God.  Be still and know.

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