Increasing Light

It always amazes me how, once past the Solstice, the days can seem longer as the light each day increases.  It’s only by a fraction, mind you, but eventually it accumulates enough for us to see more daylight.  2012 Dec 30 zoo 054Is it any wonder that in the dead of winter we string lights about so that our darkness doesn’t seem so complete?

And what about the light that is within us?  Are we content with the artificial light that we string to help ourselves into the light, or are we willing to allow the gift of internal light to emerge and shine forth from within so that others may see the increasing light that we have to shine to the world?

2012 Dec 30 zoo 039Perhaps this is a good time to put away our artificial lights, along with our seasonal decorations, and begin to let the natural light of our lives give increasing brilliance to our days.   It’s certainly something to think about for this New Year.

Each experience we have is a grace.  And each grace we experience provides more light.  Do we have the desire and the patience to allow the increasing light of our experiences and graces to shine through us so there is nothing artificial about us?

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