How many decisions do we make in a lifetime?  That’s hard to calculate when we can’t even really catalog the decisions we make in a single day!  Come to think of it, life is really just a series of decisions.  Do I do this or that?  Do I go here or there?  What to wear? Who to see? What to say? What to give?  Sometimes it startles me that we can become immobile with a single decision when all of life is a series of decisions.

Making light of such serious considerations, I remember reading in a history book once that someone in the British troops in North Africa during WWII capsulized the dilemma of rationed water with:  The decision each day is whether to make tea with the shaving water or to shave in the tea.  It seemed hilarious at the time and I’ve remembered it all these years!

So, what is our dilemma today?  What decisions must we make that will affect our days and nights?  Our futures?  Our families?

2012 Sept 29 Mall 167For us today, nothing so serious as all of that, I’m afraid.  We can’t decide whether to go out to the Mall on Monday to see the inauguration or not.  We are here.  We could go.  But . . . 1) it will be freezing; 2) we’d have to walk most likely several miles to get into the area; 3) there will be millions of people doing the same thing; 4) no backpacks or camera bags allowed; and 5) we will be standing for hours . . . to voice a few of the negatives.

But, we are here – and it would be the chance of a lifetime.  And, I’m sure it would be a grace simply to be there among so many people supporting and witnessing history.

We just have to make the decision.

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