This past three days was an exercise in trying.  That is, we tried to be part of the inauguration ceremonies and celebrations.  And, while we wanted to go – there were so many things that caused us to stop and think twice.

2013 Jan 19 & 20 Gettys & Inaug re 050So, on Sunday, while we were still considering and just as a dry run, we decided to go down to the Mall and scope things out.  To make the story short, it took us four and a half hours to drive downtown and back home!  The traffic was – there is no other word but unbelievable!  I did manage to jump out of the car and take a couple pictures of the capital building and a shot down the Mall, but the crowds and fencing were so obstructive that it hardly made it worth the effort.2013 Jan 19 & 20 Gettys & Inaug re 051

Exhausted, we returned home and watched the proceedings yesterday on the TV in the comfort of our living room.  After today, I knew more than ever that it was the right choice.

Because this morning I jumped out of bed and bundled up for the 20 degree weather and 4 degree windchill to walk the mile over to the National Cathedral where the President was due to arrive for the prayer service beginning his second term.

2013 Dec & Jan - tiny 019I waited on the walk with several other neighbors, the Secret Service, FBI, and Metro Police while the roads were closed off and helicopters flew watch overhead.  Blue and red lights flashed, security staff moved and shifted, and then all the traffic was allowed to pass and everything went on as normal.

As everyone on the street stood in disbelief.  We all surmised that the President had been whisked into a side door somewhere beyond the public eye and that everyone was now inside reverently praying!  So much for my attempts to see the President – or, even as my hopes had let me imagine – his car.2013 Dec & Jan - tiny 018

But, still, the trying – on both Sunday and today were grace.  Without trying I wouldn’t have such colorful memories, nor these pictures to share.

What grace has trying something brought for you?

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