Joy in Lent

New experiences usually bring joy, at least when they are unexpected and beautiful!  I am trying to hold onto the image of my hand in God’s hand throughout this Lent.  So it was with great surprise and joy that I had an experience that continued to remind me of just that image – and then strengthened it.

While in Charleston, SC we took the water taxi out to visit Ft. Sumter, the sight of the first battle of the Civil War.  Being in the fort was an awesome experience and my thoughts went to all the men who had served in such a capacity.  2013 Feb 18 Ft Sumter & ships 694But, on our way back to Charleston the most amazing thing occurred.  Harbor dolphins began to accompany our boat.  They broke the water with grace and beauty – two at a time in most cases.  2013 Feb 18 Ft Sumter & ships 711Their sleek backs and fins shedding water as they quietly and gracefully swam up and down through the surface.  I was transfixed.  Rarely do we get the opportunity to see such a display so closely.

2013 Feb 18 Ft Sumter & ships 707

And, my thoughts went to how I respond when I am with a partner.  Am I that graceful and as aware of what my partner is doing so as to move as if we are making one movement?  Am I that close to God?  Do I share with my partner and exchange all that I think, or feel, or fear, or hope, or dream?  Do I share those intimate thoughts with God?  Do I even try to understand my partner enough to be in perfect sync with them?

2013 Feb 18 Ft Sumter & ships 712Challenging thoughts for this Lent and all from the joy of an unusual experience of seeing the graceful dolphins move and flow as if in one movement.  Oh, that we could be that close and in such rhythm with the mind and heart of God!  Perhaps that is what this Lent is trying to help us achieve.

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