Even Then

During this journey of Lent anything is possible.  It is a time to remember and reshape; recall, revisit, and renew.  And, in the remembering, a song came drifting back into my memory that I was first introduced to almost 40 years ago now.  It’s one I have sung to myself often through Lent and Lenten times in my life.  It has comforted me when I was afraid, or angry or simply grieving.  And it came back to me yesterday as I was thinking about all my grandiose promises for this Lent that have already fallen short of what I would have hoped.  And so I sang to myself this morning as I walked:

“Even then, even then I’ll cling to you,
Cling to you, cling tight to you,
Whether you want me or not.
In your good grace, or even out of it,
“Save me, save me!” I cry to you,
Or maybe only, “Love me! Love me!”

2013 Feb 17 Ft Moultrie SC 268It is from a recording titled “When From our Exile” by Dutch composer Bernard Huijbers and lyricist Huub Oosterhuis.

It is my Lenten psalm.  It awakens grace in me whenever I think of it – sing it, or cling to it as a symbol of God’s continuing love for us – no matter what.

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