Observing the Day

Rarely have I taken the time to just observe the day.

So, it was with delight that my husband and I planned for just such a day of pure observation.  We charted the weather maps and made sure conditions would be agreeable and all the information said that yesterday would be a good choice.

2013 3-10 Sunrise 124We awoke in the darkness and without preamble, packed ourselves into the car and drove to one of the highest spots over the city.  It was easy driving so early on a Sunday morning!  Arriving, we walked to a spot where we could see our capital city and watch the sunrise and the breaking of day.

2013 3-10 Sunrise 237There are not words that convey the beauty of the morning sun finding its way above the landscape of the city.  As we stayed in one spot for the entire event we observed flocks of birds emerging from their nests; joggers beginning their morning run; another photographer with his tripod picking a select spot; the slow increase of light to distinguish the landmarks; and the sun gloriously rising over the cityscape.

It was a bit cold, but nothing less than breathtaking!  When light finally dawned and the sun was fully above the horizon, we departed to I Hop for breakfast and to celebrate the possibilities of another day.

2013 3-10 Sunset 281To complete our day of observation, we returned to the same spot overlooking the city for sunset.  Again, it was magnificent.  Standing in the same spot where we had watched the morning arrive, we sat to watch the night fall.  While waiting we saw many walkers and joggers; lovers sitting entwined on the grass; photographers taking advantage of the location; and visitors exploring the monuments and chatting merrily with one another.  The carillon bells rang out the time as we silently observed.  Night fell and in the sacred silence of the moment we said our prayer of gratitude for the grace of another day and journeyed home.

Observing the day was prayer.  It was grace.  It was holy.  And, it made us think we should do the same more often!

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