Historic Day

Where were you when the historic news hit the streets?  We had decided to take advantage of the sunny (although cold weather) and head to Delaware and New Jersey for a couple of days of exploring.

I was watching the news – but not closely, for any developments in the election of a new Pope, but it was more difficult when we were on the road.  So, I will never forget how I first heard the news.  We were in Dover, Delaware at the Air Mobility Command Museum and having a great time walking through the exhibits and learning about history.

One of my growing collections is a commemorative pin and/or patch to mark my visit to any given place.  So, while in the small gift shop at the museum I heard one of the docents come in and tell the clerk “Well, I guess his name is Francis.”

Immediately I knew we had a new Pope.  I walked over and asked if my assumption was correct and she answered “Yeah, some guy from Argentina.”  We spoke for a few minutes about our hopes and dreams for the Church and this new Pope and then I purchased my pin and patch and went on my way.

St FrancisWhat amazed me was how events can make brothers and sisters of us all – or they can tear us apart and cause division – whether we want them to or not.  This event, I think, by the grace of God, did some stitching together.  Perhaps because of the movement of the Holy Spirit, we can all come together anew as children of God and follow in the example of Jesus, St. Francis and our new Pope Francis . . . by caring for the poor; paying our own bills; taking only what we need and sharing what we have; being conscious of the earth by re-using and recycling; and by smiling – certainly smiling – as we pick ourselves up as a Church and try again.  What grace!  Where were you when you heard the news?

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