Day Five

2013 April 28 Providence-Quincy-Newprot 027How can we make spring last longer?  I think we’ve figured out the secret.  Just keep moving north!  Spring in D.C. was lovely and spring in New York was just coming into it’s fullness a couple of days ago, now in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, spring is just beginning.  And, it’s gorgeous!

2013 April 29 NewBedford & FtAdams 001We spent the day in New Bedford, MA visiting the Whaling National Historical Park.  What amazing and interesting things we learned about whaling.  It is because of the whaling industry that New Bedford got the name “The city that lit the world.” Whale oil revolutionized the country by providing light after the sun went down!  We also were reminded of the consequences of the whaling industry!  Species are now extinct and endangered because of the greed of humanity.  We have caused damage that we have no power to repair.

2013 April 29 NewBedford & FtAdams 037Much of New Bedford’s central waterfront district remains with the same look it had during the hay day of whaling.  Buildings built of stone and brick, with ornamental frontals and narrow cobblestone streets are the norm.  We enjoyed walking the town and were amazed at the signs of spring that were just emerging here.

Returning to the motel through Newport, RI again, we stopped to find the Turo Synagogue that is the first Synagogue in our country due to Roger Williams and his insistence on religious freedoms.

2013 April 29 NewBedford & FtAdams 069We made our way back through Ft. Adams and walked the perimeter of the fort just to see the beautiful views once again.  And, no visit to Newport would be complete without at least a drive on Bellevue Avenue past the magnificent mansions that remain from the  gilded age in American history.  We opted out of touring any homes, but enjoyed the view from the car!

So we’ll have to remember next time when winter seems too long and spring seems slow in coming that we can actually extend the beauty of springtime.  Simply start from a southern location and when the trees and flowers have bloomed and passed, move north and you can experience it all over again, and again.  It seems like magic.  It’s certainly grace.  And we have enjoyed every minute.

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