Day Six

2013 April 30 Plymouth & CCod 011I’ve never thought much about connecting with my ancestors who have been long gone for many centuries.  But, my husband’s passion for ancestry research has uncovered that I am related to the Rev. Elder William Brewster and his wife Mary, who came to this country on the Mayflower in 1620.  2013 April 30 Plymouth & CCod 057And just standing in the spot where they first set foot on this land in Plymouth, MA brought them alive for me like few other actions could.

We spent a lovely, leisurely day in Plymouth walking the waterfront, visiting Brewster Park, and finding William and Mary’s grave site in the cemetery on the hill overlooking the bay.  2013 April 30 Plymouth & CCod 090The views were stunning and our lunch in a little family Italian restaurant was delicious!  Despite so much beauty, with spring exploding around us and history around every corner, I spent much of the day reflecting on the words of William Bradford (the first governor of Plymouth Colony) describing my ancestor, William Brewster:


2013 April 30 Plymouth & CCod 042 . . . a man that had suffered much for the Lord Jesus and the gospel’s sake. . . he was qualified above many, he was wise and discrete, and well spoken . . . of a very cheerful spirit . . . undervaluing himself and his own abilities.

I was so moved because, reflecting on these words, I felt a kindred spirit with the man.  My husband reminded me that in my own ministry and work he has heard others express similar thoughts about me.  And, I wonder how much is in the DNA?  Or is it grace, or luck, or simply love, or hard work, commitment, or dedication?  How will we ever know?  It’s something to ponder about for sure.

Today was graced in many ways and I feel a new and profound connection to my roots that go back to the 1620’s.

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