Day Eight

2013 May 2 capecodgraves 001Could two days be any different?  I don’t think so.  Yet, both were so beautiful.  Yesterday we were on the waters of Cape Cod marveling at whales and today we walked the back lanes of Cape Cod looking for grave sites of ancestors.  And, we were successful beyond our expectations.

2013 May 2 capecodgraves 060Nestled among the foliage and tiny streams; behind beautiful clapboard churches; and among the back yards of local residents, we walked to find the graves of ancestors who died in the 1700’s.  I never knew there could be such peace and beauty in cemeteries!

2013 May 2 capecodgraves 102At one particular spot near Brewster, we felt like we were walking in a fairy tale.  We made our way down a moss covered path with tree roots peeking through it, to a tiny pond with swans gliding among the budding branches hanging over the water’s edge.  A bubbling brook sang its way downstream and we had to walk a small style to cross over it.  The birds chirped an orchestra of music and we couldn’t help but think that this would be a spot that we could enjoy for eternity!

2013 May 2 capecodgraves 148So much beauty and so much grace.  All in a day’s search for ancestors.2013 May 2 capecodgraves 044

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