Day Nine

Today was a moving day as we left Cape Cod and traveled northward.  But first, we had to visit two more cemeteries on our way off of Cape Cod and found graves of ancestors in both of them.  Pretty amazing, all around.  Who would have thought that we could find the graves of ancestors who were born in England and came to this country in the 1620’s?  And yet, we did.

In a last minute decision, we decided to bypass Boston for a more thorough trip at a future date – again without the car.  Now we know when we return we can really do Boston justice and see all of it, not just a couple of the main tourist areas.

2013 May 3 CC & NH + ME 044So we traveled on into New Hampshire and, due to a friend’s recommendation, went along the coastline.  What a great suggestion!  Thank you, Chris.  2013 May 3 CC & NH + ME 092I could live on the coast of New Hampshire.  My husband had to pry me away as I threatened to use all of my camera’s SD card space again just on coastal shots!  What incredible beauty!

As the evening sun set over the coastline we found our way into Maine and a place to rest for the night.  2013 May 3 CC & NH + ME 230And would you believe, the daffodils are just blooming in Maine!

This will be the longest spring in my experience.  I love it!  It’s total grace.

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