Day Ten

2013 May 4 Saco ME 001Grace visited us today in the form of a slower pace.  We simply set out to enjoy the locale of Maine around Saco Bay and take in the “local color,” as a friend of ours once advised.  The weather was perfect, the sites beautiful and the pace slow and relaxing.

Of course we HAD to stop at a traditional Maine Trading Post where you could purchase hunting and fishing licenses as well as anything you might need to capture your very own moose.  2013 May 4 Saco ME 006It was a fun exploration in diversity of environments.  They had more kayaks in one place than I had ever seen – and there is a lot of kayaking in the Pacific NW!

2013 May 4 Saco ME 010Saco Harbor was lovely in the morning light and it was a peaceful place to stop and say a prayer of gratitude for such beauty and grace.

By the end of the day we found ourselves in New Hampshire again and made it our home for the night.

A slower pace is certainly grace enough for one day.

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