Day 14: Relaxing, Island Style

There was no plan and no agenda today. This was to be an island day of relaxation. And, so it was.

We slept in until 9:15, had a slow and relaxing breakfast of eggs, yogurt and sweet Hawaiian bread toast. And then, cameras in hand, we went out for a walk toward a little park we had seen one day while driving.

Once again, the sun was bright, the air warm, and covered with sunscreen and bug spray, we perspired our way along the walk. At every opportunity, we took the public access path down to the shoreline and stopped to be moved by the beauty and mesmerized by the waves. At each point, the shoreline was a little different; the waves coming in along a different arrangement of rocks, thereby crashing altogether differently than they had just a few steps away.

We laughed at the Christmas yard ornaments depicting snowmen and other winter scenes while the weather outside was 80 degrees in the shade. I continue to marvel how many folks are wearing sweaters and jackets, presumably because they are cold! It is very hard to remember it is only a week before Christmas. We are enjoying this winter-summer in every way. News from home is that the weather is cold, rainy and windy. No big surprise; that’s typical Christmas weather for the Northwest. I suppose someone from the frozen Midwest would just as easily laugh at our outdoor Christmas ornaments decorating rain drenched yards. We each celebrate Christmas as we can, I guess. Yet, this weather is really preventing me from thinking Christmas is near.

Along our walk, my driver picked a plumeria blossom for my hair and it smelled wonderful for the rest of the day.

We reached the little park and sat in the shade for about an hour just being entertained by nature’s display. There were about six men out in the waves attempting to surf, which added to our entertainment. I don’t think the waves were actually big enough for the surfing they wanted to do, but it was very fun to watch them. Look closely just over the tree branch and you can see one of the guys on his surfboard.Walking back toward the Royal Sea Cliff, we stopped at an outdoor market and examined the local wares. It was such a pleasant experience next to what it was like shopping in Honolulu or Maui. There are many visitors here, but nothing like the populations on the other islands. We enjoyed each different place, though, and rejoiced in the particular differences.

After our exercise, we determined we must have a nap. So, in the heat of the afternoon, we slept and waited for the cooler climes of the late afternoon and evening. When we woke, we decided to go see one of the laval tubes we has seen while driving past it yesterday. Only, then we decided not to. It was so lovely just doing nothing.

Because we had done nothing else all day, we opted to go out to dinner rather than eating in. Looking up options, Kura Thai sounded good and was very attractive to my driver as he loves Thai cuisine. So, to Kura Thai we went. And, it was fabulous. Probably the best Thai food I have ever had – but then I’m not much of a judge as my appreciation for Thai food is extremely limited. We were delighted to find such a great place; that makes four out of four for the Big Island. The best food in Hawaii is on this island; so say these travelers.

Coming back to our rooms, we arrived just in time to catch the last hints of the sunset. It was glorious. As was the day. A relaxing, quiet, lazy, island day. Filled with grace, wonder, appreciation, gratitude and incredible restorative properties.