With New Eyes

It was so much fun to play tour guide and take our kids through the sights and sounds of the city while they were here.

The grace I remember the most was their thrill and excitement at seeing the monuments for the first time and recovering the history associated with each of them.  It was like seeing with new eyes to share in their amazement and amusement.  And, the fact that we spent so much time among the monuments allowed the day to pass and the sun to set and a whole new world revealed itself and became possible in the fading light.  While we had been to the monuments at night once before, we had never before been there at sunset.

There was something holy and sacred at that time of day.  The people were dispersing and the shadows were lengthening.  It allowed for a whole new perspective.  A beautiful and softened perspective.  A graced and silent perspective.  A reflective moment.

When have you taken advantage of the sunset hour to see the world from a new perspective?  When have you allowed grace and holiness to fill your eyes?

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