Watching the presidential debates sometimes it is hard for me to believe that a person has such self assurance that they could enter into such a debate!  But we do have amazing qualities, don’t we?  And we enter into experiences that we may not be able to accomplish or even succeed at.  Such is the spirit of the individual.

I couldn’t help but think of this when my kids casually took the podium at the Smithsonian.  “You Be the President” was the name of the display.  What does it take to have the skills and self-assurance to speak our mind to the public?  What does it take for us to speak our mind and still be honest with ourselves?  What we desire, in ourselves as well as others, is the ability to be consistent in both arenas, public and private. It is not an insignificant thing!

Belief in ourselves needs to translate into action and that action needs to be consistent with our beliefs and our abilities.  Simply saying what we think someone else wants to hear will not affect the action that we may need to be taking.  Only honesty with ourselves and personal commitment will do that.

What are your special gifts and talents?  What can you share with others?  With the grace of God, most of us are capable of whatever we believe we can do!

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